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We design and deliver pre-engineered steel buildings in Moskva

Modular steel building Z-Top

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PK VESTA is proud to present innovative pre-engineered steel buildings of patented series Z-Top from LSGF for small and medium business worldwide (car washes, technical service stations, supermarkets, garages, mini storages and ext.). These economic buildings are manufactured beforehand with practically completely ready-to-use architectural and structural drawings (steel framing and facades) compared to that of series INDI (where custom buildings are designed and manufactured on order). A part of the finished goods is placed into a warehouse as well, which drastically minimizes construction time.

Z-Top steel buildings completely correspond to new ACTIVE IMAGINATION concept as their online designing allows a client to combine different unified modules and create individual types of steel structures and facades. The innovative series is based on simple but effective construction concept of DO-IT-YOURSELF. A client can freely design an unlimited number of combinations online in accordance with local building codes, place an order on a building kit and erect a steel structure by himself. Such buildings have high durability, reliability and corrosion resistance properties.

Projects – given to international clients within 1 week
Manufacturing takes time roughly up to 2 weeks
The best high-quality materials are used for Z-Top
All clients receive the full building kits with numbered elements
Оne Z-Top requires one euro wagon for delivery or 40-foot container
Non-experienced clients can erect Z-Top buildings in 2 weeks


You can easily design and order car washes, service stations, supermarkets, garages and mini storages.


See our erected pre-engineered custom steel buildings based on welded beams and LSGF.


See how the light steel framing (based on cold-formed profiles) is produced.

Minimarket from LSGF:
8W х 15L х 3.6H

Technical service station:
16W х 15L х 3.6H

Supermarket for small business:
32W х 15L х 5.3H

Carwash from LSGF:
8W х 15L х 3.6H

Any color solutions
for your exterior facade:
8W х 20L х 5.3H

Combined unified modules
from LSGF for supermarket

Ministorage from LSGF:
32W х 25L х 5.3H

Light steel framing
based on cold-formed profiles:
8W х 5L х 5.3H

High quality standards

Central market from LSGF:
32W х 40L х 5.3H

Creating custom steel structures
by width and length

Two-storey mini office:
16W х 15L х 6.7H


Z-Top 3.6
from $4 800

Z-Top 3.6
from $4 800

Length: 8.4m
Width: 5m
Max wall height: 3.6m
Min wall height: 2.4m

Z-Top 5.3
from $5 700

Z-Top 5.3
from $5 700

Length: 8.4m
Width: 5m
Max wall height: 5.3m
Min wall height: 3.8m

Z-Top 6.7
from $6 500

Z-Top 6.7
from $6 500

Length: 8.4m
Width: 5m
Max wall height: 6.7m
Min wall height: 5.3m



Structural and architectural set of documents for international clients


Load-bearing elements: columns, trusses, rafters, purlins and bolts


Insulated sandwich panels (100mm and 120mm)


The building kit includes all fasteners and fittings


We provide you with bolts, screws, nuts and washers


Fireproof doors 0.86W x 2.1H with secondary framing


Insulated vertical gates 3W x 3H with secondary framing

Facts about Z-Top

  • Modular steel buildings Z-Top were designed from scratch for the Eurasian construction markets (based on snow loads of 180 kg/sq.m., wind loads of 32 kg/sq.m. and seismic loads of 6th scale) and then patented (No136458)
  • Z-Top steel framing is unaffected by biological and wet-temperature processes and have high levels of reliability and durability
  • One of the main advantages of LSGF is its high strength. According to Cornell University research, the galvanized cold-formed frame can withstand earthquakes up to 9.5 on the Richter magnitude scale without changing its integrity.
  • Z-Top from LSGF has high corrosion protection, which extends the service lifecycle of a steel building up to 100 years without visible corrosion damage
  • LSGF – light steel gauge framing based on the zinc-coated cold-formed profiles (weights start from 18 kg/sq.m. under some conditions for some countries with warm weather)
  • We use only the Ist grade of coating for high-quality steel coils (275 g/sq.m.)
  • The thickness of main load-bearing steel members vary from 1.5mm up to 4mm, which is fairly rare for the light gauge steel framing market (usually, it is up to 2mm)
  • The metal used in production of LGSF is purchased from: MMP (Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Plant), Severstal and LMP (Lipetsk Metallurgical Plant)
  • The density of mineral Rockwool insulation for sandwich panels: 120 kg/cub.m.
  • The thickness of corrugated profiles sheet for sandwich panels: 0.5mm
  • The production of sandwich panels is based only on the foreign connections of high-quality adhesives
  • Usually, the slab base (up to 150mm) is poured for Z-Top, which allows clients to reduce the consumption of concrete by 50-60% compared to the capital foundation.
  • We offer the wide range of FREE colors (up to 9) according to the RAL catalogue: White (9003), Gray (7004), Blue (5005), white-aluminum (9006), beige (1014) yellow (1018), Green (6002), light gray (9002) and brown (8017)
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