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Tula plant PK VESTA offers customized lightweight custom steel structures for international customers in global construction markets. Our steel frames are distinguished by a high level of quality, effective design solutions, environmental friendliness and customization (any geometric dimensions, the most advanced building technologies based on LSGF, Rigid Framing, HYBRID systems, any types of structures based on a flat membrane roof, gable and single-pitch structures, number of storeys up to 3 floors, the presence of crane beams, etc.)

All products are manufactured on the latest European highly automated equipment, taking into account modern international quality standards. We offer you reliable solutions, time-tested since 1991 by joint work in Russia and abroad in regards to the design and manufacture of lightweight metal structures in different segments of the construction market (industrial, commercial, agricultural, military, sports, religious and municipal)


Basic warranty

Choosing reliable lightweight metal structures from PK VESTA, you get high quality guarantees and the most comfortable conditions from the famous brand during the period of ownership of thes steel building. For new steel frames purchased on the territory of the Russian Federation, by default, a 1 year warranty is provided on a set of prefabricated buildings and from 25 years of life-time operation.

Extended Warranty

It is also possible to get a 5 year warranty on steel frames with individual consideration of the operation of facilities in different regions of Russia and international markets (the presence of the ocean or water resources, high levels of humidity inside the building, the purpose of the building, certain technology, etc.)

Light Gauge Steel Framing (C-channel)
Steel grade
S350 (yield strength)
Grade of galvanizing 
1st class (275 g/sq.m.) Premium
Metal consumption
From 15kg / sq.m. (Northern countries)
Span and height
Up to 30m wide (without columns) Up to 12m height (by inner wall)
Fire resistance
To the IV degree (panels outside) III-I degree (panels inside)
Bay spacing
3-6 m. (between columns)
Welded beam (I- and H-Beam)
Steel grade
S245 (yield strength)
Grade of galvanizing
1st class (275 g/sq.m.) Premium  
Metal consumption
From 26kg / sq.m. (Northern countries)
Span and height
Up to 100m wide (without columns)  Up to 20m height (by inner wall)
Fire resistance
To the IV degree (panels outside) III-I degree (panels inside)
Bay spacing
6-12 m. (between columns)
Hybrid system (Rigid framing and LSGF)
Steel grade
S245 and S350 (yield strength)
Grade of galvanizing 
1st class (275 g/sq.m.) Premium
Metal consumption
From 20kg / sq.m. (Northern countries)
Span and height
Up to 36m wide (without columns) Up to 20m height (by inner wall)
Fire resistance
To the IV degree (panels outside) III-I degree (panels inside)
Bay spacing
3-6 m. (between columns)

Gable roof type

It is the most common and economical steel structure in global markets. 15% cheaper than a single slope roof. It is used in many segments of international industries (hangars, warehouses, offices, shops, workshops, etc.). Without strict requirements for appearance, it is often approved and agreed with the local architectural department.

Single slope roof
A design with 1 slope is used less often and costs about 15% more than a gable roof. Its application is found for extensions to existing buildings, renovations and small buildings.
Flat rood
It is a common choice for buildings with strict requirements for the appearance and special purpose of the building. This is the most beautiful design, but also the most expensive (20-25% more expensive than the gable roof). The angle of the ramp is usually 2 degrees. A parapet with a height of 0.6m is used along the perimeter from above on the roof.
Secondary framing
Included in the building kit. They usually consist of roofing and wall cold-formed profiles with a certain step. The goal is to give horizontal rigidity to the steel frame and create a subsystem for mounting enclosing structures.
Column basis
Included in the building kit. These are prefabricated elements made out of ferrous metal, which are mounted on an anchor group of a foundation for further installation of supporting vertical steel columns. IMPORTANT! An anchor group is usually bought by the client himself or his local installation organization in the place. It might be included for exports operations by request.
100% bolted connection
Included in the building kit. All elements in load-bearing light steel structures are braced and secured with high strength bolts. IMPORTANT! Welding is completely absent during assembly.
Diagonal bracing
Included in the building kit. Usually they consist of a round metal bar, angle or channel, depending on the specific design solutions, building dimensions and climatic zones (loads) The goal is to give horizontal rigidity to the steel frame. In some cases, portal frames or double diagonal ties are used for large building dimensions.
Frame mounting system
Included in the building kit. Usually these are angles or connecting elements on which the girders and auxiliary steel structures for cladding are mounted. Without them, it will not be possible to connect the main and secondary elements of the supporting main steel frame. A thin bent sheet of metal is used for framed openings, walls and roofs.
Reliable beautiful door entrance, insulated single or double fire doors with closers, windows and various color and anti-vandal solutions can be included in the building kit.
Fittings are included by default in the building kit in order to protect the joints of the metal skin from severe weather conditions.
The buildings are equipped with reliable high-quality insulated industrial gates (with vertical rise, swing, hangar, etc.) of Russian manufacturers (DoorHan, AlluTech) with the ability to add automation, radio control, different color solutions and openings for windows.
Indsutrial Sky Lights
We use innovative patented lights on the roof of the building with filling the dome with cellular polycarbonate of the Russian Leron plant for effective natural lighting (up to 6m wide) with automatic smoke removal and ventilation systems. In the design of supporting structures, the subsystem for lights is taken into account. Customers save significantly on energy savings even on the most winter and cloudy days of the year.
Solar panels
We supply buildings with innovative solar panels based on highly efficient heterostructure modules of the "German Hevel plant" with a battery pack and a diesel generator set. This is an ideal solution for stand-alone and backup power supply with a significant minimization of the cost of operating a building in regions remote from networks. In the design of supporting structures, a system of nodal connections of batteries with a roof is taken into account.
We supply high-quality double-glazed windows by well-known Russian manufacturers of window systems KBE, Rehau with excellent noise reduction properties, diverse color solutions and a high level of reliability for any building purpose

Building elements of steel structures

Our innovations
Reducing the cost of C-channel frames up to 20-30% compared with I-Beam
Reducing the cost of C-channel frames up to 20-30% compared with I-Beam

Despite almost the same strength indicators (tensile, compression, shear, bending, etc.), LSGF frames (cold-formed galvanized profile) can minimize building metal consumption by 20-30% when compared with frames made out of a classic welded or hot-rolled beam with spans up to 30m wide and 6m high (inside the wall)


Our innovations

Reducing the cost of C-channel frames up to 20-30% compared with I-Beam

We continue to reduce the costs of steel frameworks based on more efficient design and engineering solutions (online BIM technologies) and automated production methods (Smart Continuous Production). Very often, factory's work with thin metal borders on art. PK VESTA has strict internal regulatory requirements developed over the years for the production of these steel frames for international markets (minimum error margin of + -1 mm for the center distance between punch holes, bending radius, lack of mushroom effect, crescent shape, alignment of elements, etc. .), which allows you to easily and quickly assemble steel buildings in a short time without the use of welding machines and drills at the construction site.
New "Smart Techno Design Concept" allows serving Customers 24/7
New "Smart Techno Design Concept" allows serving Customers 24/7

After many years of applied and scientific research, the PK VESTA factory for the first time since 2011 came close to fully automating customer service via the Internet based on the WebSteel online cloud service.


Our innovations

New "Smart Techno Design Concept" allows serving Customers 24/7

Now, numerous laborious calculations of the cost of individual buildings with ciwil work, assembly and complex 3D visualization of the building began to be carried out free of charge by the client via the Internet instead of the factory. The design of the building takes place in the area of technical capabilities of the plant, making the online design of the building more technological for the end customer.

We believe that this approach is revolutionary, because unlike a specific engineer and traditional local CAD, many processes in WebSteel are automated and allow the client to show their individuality in creating a unique image of the building, quickly budget the building with its subsequent online order at the factory to any point of the world. And for the plant, these are almost unlimited online opportunities for serving many customers from different countries for 1 unit of time.

Increasing the fire resistance of a building (LSGF) to R15
Increasing the fire resistance of a building (LSGF) to R15

In 2018, PK VESTA received an innovative opinion on assessing the fire resistance limit for buildings made out of LSGF at the head of the well-known Russian expert organization on fire safety - the Research Institute of Fire Defense (FSBI VNIIPO) with the requirements for certain changes in design decisions.


Our innovations

Increasing the fire resistance of a building (LSGF) to R15

Now in projects for buildings made out of LSGF we use IVth degree of Fire Resistance  (with an external thermal circuit - panels outside) and up to Ist one (internal thermal circuit - panels are sewn from the inside onto columns and the lower truss belt), which allows the client to save significantly on the most affordable economical structures from LSGF, and most importantly, to exclude the incision of expensive fire-retardant material on the steel frame elements.

In accordance with Russian standards for the operation of a building from LSGF, it is possible to use without fire protection at the specified required fire resistance limit R15 (or IV degree of fire resistance, to which Russian standards include most buildings of industrial, warehouse, agricultural use) For export transactions, the degree of fire resistance is considered individually or additional measures are applied for fire safety by local contractors. Until now, few factories in Eurasia have this certificate, since it is difficult to obtain and not all plants can meet the requirements for design decisions and production lines.


Manufacturing accuracy
Manufacturing accuracy

We have one of the lowest error margins in the manufacture of high-tech products in the international construction market in the range of + -1mm



Manufacturing accuracy

In the manufacture of load-bearing steel structures made out of LSGF - the error in punching holes, cutting profiles in length and the process of cold-formed profiling of elements is of great importance at the stage of assembly of the building. Unlike other plants, where the error in the center distance between the holes can reach + -3 or 4mm, we strictly adhere to a deviation of + -1mm on highly automated industrial European equipment, which gives an almost perfect guarantee for the successful installation of the steel frame (joining of different elements with many holes) when exporting a steel building to distant countries and regions (Asia, the Middle East or Africa) Plus, we exclude cases with the effect of mushroom, crescent and alignment of metal elements, which also often makes installation process more time consuming or even impossible. Work with thin metal borders on Art with us, where manufacturing accuracy helps put the building into operation faster for further successful work anywhere in the world.
Russian metal S350 with I class of galvanizing (275 g / sq.m.)
Russian metal S350 with I class of galvanizing (275 g / sq.m.)

The use of any other classes of galvanizing II or III leads to a more rapid appearance of corrosion, especially if the building is used near water or with a high level of humidity or an ammonia aggressive environment indoors.



Russian metal S350 with I class of galvanizing (275 g / sq.m.)

The metallurgy in Russia, rich in resources, occupies one of the leading positions in the world in terms of output and quality. For the domestic market and export operations, PK VESTA uses only premium metal from well-known Russian metallurgical plants Severstal and Novolipetsk MK, which for many years have exported their products to many regions of the world - Eurasia, North and Latin America, the Middle East and Africa. The use of metal from other countries (for example, Chinese) may not always meet quality standards and impair the physical and mechanical properties of load-bearing structures.

Reliability factors
Reliability factors

We do not "play with the reliability of the building" in order to reduce the metal consumption of the building to critical values and lower the cost of the steel frame. Some of our specialists have been designing steel buildings since 1980. taking into account modern building codes. Since that time, not a single building has fallen down!



Reliability factors

In addition to the quality of materials, the price of steel buildings largely depends on the design methods and the calculation of reliability factors. Among the players in the construction markets, there is a tendency to underestimate these coefficients (say, instead of 1 to 2 they make 1 to 1.5) in order to minimize the metal consumption of the steel structures and, accordingly, get a sharp decrease in the cost of the frame (up to 20-30%), which leads to the risk of building collapse and partial deformation of the main elements at the most unfavorable combination of loads (for example, a squalling long strong crosswind or a constant alternation of thaw and frost) And such cases cannot be ruled out. PK VESTA never goes down the red line, as it values ​​its reputation and reliability of steel buildings. Since 1991, not a single building of PK VESTA has fallen down.

High metal reliability
High metal reliability

The steel used in our lightweight metal structures has the highest strength-to-weight and tensile strength ratios among other traditional building materials in the world. Plus, steel is the leading frame material for buildings and infrastructure, with a market share in many developed countries of more than 50% in the non-residential and multi-story residential industry (Steel Recycle Institute)



High metal reliability

Also, steel is the most recycled material in the world (more than 80 million tons per year) and environmentally friendly material for human health. Both operational and time costs for maintaining such structures are significantly lower than in traditional structures. We design safe buildings from steel load-bearing structures with 1 span of up to 30 meters from LSGF (in the northern countries) and up to 36 meters in span in the southern countries with or without minimal snow loads. And also the single-span builings with up to 100 meters wide without interior columns from Rigid framing (for northern and southern countries)
Buildings can withstand the enormous snow, wind and seismic loads
Buildings can withstand the enormous snow, wind and seismic loads

The engineering group of the PK VESTA plant necessarily takes into account the basic loads at the construction site (snow, wind and seismic) in the design scheme of the building, which can reach the maximum design values (snow load - up to 600 kg / sq., Wind load - up to 100 kg / sq. m. and seismic load - up to 10 points on the Richter Scale)



Buildings can withstand the enormous snow, wind and seismic loads

The PK VESTA plant has tremendous experience in designing steel buildings in the largest country in the world - Russia, with its many climatic and highly seismic zones, which gives sufficient confidence for international customers from southern countries without snow loads.
Specifications, price list and catalogue
Price of buildings


  • Brand:
  • Country / Origin :
  • Place of production:
    Tula, Russia
  • FEA Code:
  • Supply of building kits:
    Eurasia, Africa, Middle East, Latin America
  • Building Condition:
    “On order” from scratch (new)
  • Delivery:
    Inland and / or sea (euro trucks and 40 foot containers)
  • Building lifetime:
    not less than 25 years
  • Product Warranty:
    from 1 to 5 years
  • Series:
    INDI (individual on order), TYP Series (typical projects)
  • Form of payment:
    40% x 30% x 30% and 70% x 30% (L / C - letter of credit, T / T - bank transfer, D / P - payment after receiving a document confirming the shipment of goods by the seller)

Project and Loads

  • Steelframe technology:
    LSGF (cold-formed galvanized profiles), Rigid framing (welded beams made out of ferrous metal) and HYBRID systems (LSGF and Rigid framing)
  • Building technology:
    I-Beams, H-Beams and C-Channel
  • Building structures:
    Gable, lean-to, extensions and flat roofs (single-span and multi-span)
  • Accessories:
    All bolts for the steel frame (except for anchors), angles, diagonal ties and connecting elements are included into the building kit.
  • Metal:
    S245, S350 или S345
  • Galvanizing class:
    only Ist (275 g / sq.m.)
  • Metal suppliers:
    Russian Novolipetsk MK and SeverStal
  • Secondary elements:
    Diagonal connections, secondary system (C-shaped-and Z-shaped ones)
  • Product Preparation Level:
    high (numbering of elements, taking into account cutting to the desired length, punching holes and packing list for quick search for the right pack at the construction site)
  • Element connections:
    only a 100% bolted-together design (high strength bolts of normal strength)

I- and H welded beams

  • Base loads for the Nordic countries:
    Snow (from 150 kg / sq.m. And above), Wind (from 32 kg / sq.m. And above) and Seismic - 6 points (Richter scale) Technological load: from 20 kg / sq.m. and higher.
  • Base loads for southern countries:
    Snow (not taken into account), Wind (from 48 kg / sq.m. And above) and Seismic - 7 points and above (Richter scale) Technological load: from 20 kg / sq.m. and higher.
  • Main projects:
    монтажные схемы и инструкции, схемы колонн для фундамента, проект КМ (конструкции метрические), проект АС (фасадные решения), технический паспорт. С учетом гос. экспертизы.
  • Degree of fire resistance of the building:
  • Certification:
  • Notes:
    when exporting buildings to other countries, we initially do the Russian project taking into account adaptation to local international SNIPs, but the local design office usually conducts full adaptation (with a preliminary check of the design scheme)

С-channel (LSGF)

  • Metal cutting:
    on strips of the desired length on the plasma
  • Assembly:
    blanks on the mill
  • Welding:
    all major elements
  • Process:
    editing elements on the mill
  • Partial welding:
    base columns and stiffeners
  • Final preparation:
    sand jets / shot blasting / hot dip galvanized
  • Painting:
    there is (upon request)
  • Factory soil:
    there is (20, 40 or 60 microns)
  • Packaging:
    in packs for euro trucks or 40 foot for containers

Price of buildings

Below are the prices for typical prefabricated buildings based on well-known construction technologies.

IMPORTANT! All prices for steel buildings are indicative and given for preliminary acquaintance with the approximate budget for the construction of your building. Nothing is fixed until agreed and confirmed in regards to all technical details of a cetain client's project. Too many factors affect the price level (combination of climatic zones, building dimensions, floating prices for raw materials, labor costs in different countries, bay spacing betweek steel frames, availability of geo-survey work, non-standard loads on walls and roofs, etc.) For more accurate calculation, use the free WebSteel online system (online accounting of the costs and availability of materials at the factory’s warehouse, certain design schemes and solutions) or make a detailed request for a price proposal at the Russian factory in Tula

Services Length, m / bay spacing, 6 m.
With 20% VAT. Delivery – EXW. Snow – 210 kg/sq.m., Wind – 23 kg/sq.m., Seismicity – up to 6 points. 30 36 42 48 54 60
Delivery terms for assembly and civil work, months
(steel framing and cladding, assembly drawings, technical passport and certified engineering calculations)
1.5 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.5
Terms of Foundation and installation works, months. 2 2 2 2 2 2
Steel framing, RUB.
(1 storey, No crane beam, Single span, Gable, with bolts, 100% bolted connections)
891588 1133396.4 1290252 1447108.8 1603964.4 1760820
Cladding system, RUB.
(profiled sheet), shaped elements, fasteners
610708.8 711445.8 812183.4 912920.4 1013658.6 1114395.6
Foundation work, RUB.
(pier, base beam included, insulated brickwork – 0.4m high)
450688.8 553452.6 630730.2 708008.4 785286.6 862564.2
Concrete floor, RUB.
(thickness-150mm, loads - up to 2 tones / sq.m., with reinforced topping - a streamlined top layer of concrete)
555849.6 682591.2 777900.6 873210.6 968520 1063829.4
Assembly, RUB.
(there are access roads, process technical water, electricity and a fence, cramped conditions are absent)
405619.8 498106.8 567657 637207.8 706758 776308.2
Number of Euro trucks, pieces 3 3 3 4 4 5
(ground, up to 200 km)
24000 24000 24000 32000 32000 40000
Total from: 3457435.2 4244422.6 4833565.8 5430710.8 6019854.6 6616996.8

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