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Our history

The history of PK VESTA began in 1991 after the collapse of the Soviet Union with the manufacture of patented automatic hang-up gates in the famous Russian industrial city of Tula, known throughout the world as one of the largest industrial centers for weapons and metal processing. The heritage of the city has contributed to the creation of our first team of like-minded and best specialists for working with metal. The initial idea of the project was inspired and implemented by two Tula families of the Izvekovs and Kulakovs, consisting of engineers, designers and financial specialists

Now PK VESTA specializes in the design and manufacture of energy-saving custom prefabricated buildings from steel lightweight steel structures in its own factory for Russian and international customers. We are active members of the Steel Development Association in Russia. In the construction market of Eurasia, the company is the only one that serves all customers completely through the Internet on the basis of the unique patented cloud platform WebSteel, which allows anyone to calculate the instantaneous price of individual steel buildings online with the subsequent ordering of the building at the factory for major markets in Eurasia, the Middle East and Africa.

Introduced in Eurasia for the first time by PK VESTA, the latest innovative concept «Smart Techno Design» radically distinguishes us from other factories in other countries and changes the way how customers will be served in the construction industry in the near future. This approach to customer service is revolutionary. Our efforts are aimed at making the company a recognized leader in international construction markets in the design and manufacture of customized energy-efficient steel buildings “on order” via the Internet based on unique online cloud services.


Old Russian family-run manufacturing company with a surprisingly long history of international development and innovations on the global construction markets


In the early 90's after the collapse of the Soviet Union, two partners and friends Alexey Kulakov (mining engineer builder) and Oleg Izvekov (design engineer) had decided to open their own manufacturing company in the industrial city of Tula with a great desire to create something new from metal in the current market conditions. It’s the stage of building up a team of young, effective and and likeminded people


Thanks to Oleg Izvekov PK VESTA had received its first patent on invention of the Russian insulated lifting hinge gates. Modern Italian drives (SEA and CAME) integration into gates metalware of the company’s own design. Company entrances the national regional markets of Russia. Project and experimental works of new products designing including fireproof doors, automatic gates and manholes of a different degree of fire resistance. Official certification of these goods


Further development of new types of products – the anti-collision complex in cooperation with National Research Centre “Kurchatov Institute”. The complex installation on such strategic Russian sites as Federal Nuclear Centre in Saransk, Murmansk Submarine Base, Novosibirsk Research Institute, Balakovo Nuclear Power Plant and Russian Federal Nuclear Centre of All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Experimental Physics


Rapid team expansion. PK VESTA aggressively enters all regional and national markets in Russia and the CIS


Alexey Kulakov opens a new plant in the city of Montreal, Canada. Development and production of new wrought iron products for the North American market on the basis of the modern blacksmith automated equipment. Exports of finished products to the US from Canada (forged balconies, balusters, railings)


PK VESTA expands its production facilities in Russia and installs new manufacturing equipment for the production of roof and wall insulated sandwich panels (sheathing for pre-engineered steel buildings)


Development of new products at a new plant in Russia (designing and manufacturing of steel framing based on the classical welded I beams). Beginning of preliminary research, scientific works and consultations with national and international market experts all aimed at creating the new breakthrough concept of serving all customers online worldwide


The sharp increase in the number of Russian workers in Tula headquarters (up to 110 people) with the active recruitment of new specialists: designers, engineers, quality control surveyors, managers, research and development staff, workers, welders, etc.


Enlargement of Russian production facilities and implementation of new technologies and equipment aimed at designing and producing the economical pre-engineered steel buildings based on the LSGF (light steel gauge framing – cold-formed zinc-coated profiles with the thickness of up to 4mm). Production of unique steel building from LSGF with the single span of up to 30m wide (one of the few rare projects for Eurasia). New patent on the modular steel buildings Z-Top. Exports of light steel framing all over Russia and the CIS.


Alexander Chusov (PhD: metal processing, economics) and Denis Kulakov (MBA: Economics, Marketing) from PK VESTA work together to create and successfully implement a revolutionary online service WebSteel, which allows anyone for the first time ever in global construction markets to design and calculate the instant costs of custom and modular pre-engineered steel buildings in real time . Many years are spent on the scientific and applied research aimed at the new online business model based on the newest information technologies. The company undergoes complete rebranding


In system WebSteel, we finally digitized the new markets after many years of research and development in India, Arabian Peninsula and some countries in Africa, which allows end customers price and design pre-engineered steel buildings in accordance with local building codes. That way, any customer can easily order the building kits from the city Tula, Russia to any part of the world.


PK VESTA specializes in designing and manufacturing practically an unlimited number of custom and modular pre-engineered steel buildings for any part of the world. All customers are freely served vie the online platform WebSteel


We celebrate the anniversary - 30 YEARS TOGETHER with our clients in Russia and abroad! We managed to gather most of the team at the plant in Tula, Russia (key specialists from different international and regional departments) and take a group photo (despite the difficulties and restrictions caused by the pandemic in the world)

Advantages of our factory

We continue the work of our ancestors from the 15th century!
We continue the work of our ancestors from the 15th century!

Our plant continues to engage in metalworking in the famous industrial Russian city of Tula, as our ancestors did from the 15th century, producing innovative and high-tech products for international markets.



We continue the work of our ancestors from the 15th century!

In Tula, already in the 15th century, iron began to be smelted from local ore, which led to the active development of blacksmithing and weapons crafts. Famous dynasties lived in the city: Demidovs, Krasilnikovs, Orekhovs, Luginins, Batashevs and Mosolovs. Some of the specialists at the modern PK VESTA factory are representatives of the 2nd and 3rd generation since 1970, working in the market of prefabricated buildings made of lightweight metal structures. The average static experience of a specialist at the plant is more than 10 years. The accumulated experience in working with metal is carefully passed from generation to generation, introducing the latest industrial and information technologies in the 21st century.
Improving the lives of people for about a quarter of a century
Improving the lives of people for about a quarter of a century

We always focused on a detailed study of customer needs, creating and implementing the latest high-tech solutions for the construction industry in Russia and abroad.



Improving the lives of people for about a quarter of a century

Changes have been part of our plant’s development strategy for a quarter of the century. For example, in the early 90s we were the first in Russia to patent sectional and swing gates. In the 00th, we were the first in Russia and the CIS to enter the North American market of forged iron products. In 2010, we were one of the first to master the high-tech production of steel structures made out of LSGF, entering the top 10 companies in the country moving in this direction. At the same time, we were the first to launch a unique online service WebSteel for 24/7 customer service in real time.

Use of steel buildings in over 100 market segments!
Use of steel buildings in over 100 market segments!

We design and manufacture buildings for various segments of industries in international construction markets, taking into account the many requirements and nuances in the implementation of the overall project.



Use of steel buildings in over 100 market segments!

Our modern prefabricated building is a super-functional project designed and manufactured on the basis of the most advanced technologies of LSGF, HYBRID systems and Rigid Framing. When working with international clients, we take into account many nuances: the place of construction, loads (snow, wind, seismic), temperature operation, individual facade solutions with a design project, the presence of a beam crane, number of storeys, etc.
Save up to 20-30% on new technologies and approaches!
Save up to 20-30% on new technologies and approaches!

We have always focused on introducing technologies that make life easier for people and save their budget, following the new Smart Continious Production concept now



Save up to 20-30% on new technologies and approaches!

We are constantly conducting new extensive research and work to improve the load-bearing and cladding structures of steel buildings, aimed at improving its operational properties. Every 4-6 years, the PK VESTA plant undergoes a serious modernization of its technological chains. Our buildings are becoming lighter, more reliable, more durable, versatile and less expensive to build anywhere in the world. The new concept of the Tula production “Smart Continuous Production” is a set of measures and approaches to achieve the above stated goals.

Turnkey building solutions anywhere in the world!
Turnkey building solutions anywhere in the world!

Working in international markets, we place particular emphasis on addressing individual customer needs.



Turnkey building solutions anywhere in the world!

The peculiarity of working with the PK VESTA plant is that the client does not receive a “pile of metal”, but a specifically developed solution for him based on regulatory requirements for the project, the appearance of the building, the design nuances and the custom configuration of the steel structure. At the same time, online and offline customer services play a key role in achieving these goals, especially in export operations. The client is offered the most optimal solutions, taking into account the most modern building technologies, types of load-bearing and cladding structures and color solutions.

You yourself create a unique image of the building!
You yourself create a unique image of the building!

We follow the new concept in international markets “Smart Techno Design”, where the client creates his own image of the building in the WebSteel online service in the zone of technological restrictions of production and then orders the building kit at the factory anywhere in the world.



You yourself create a unique image of the building!

The concept of “Smart Techno Design” is a high-tech combination of the plant’s technical capabilities with the needs of the client in the non-residential construction market based on the WebSteel online service. Now, the client, taking into account his worldview, culture and project requirements, can choose the most suitable building design based on many styles through the WebSteel online service: Contemporary, Scandinavian, Loft, Classic, Minimalism, Functionalism, Modern or Asian. We are sure that the time has come when a non-residential building should look as beautiful as a residential one. The role of the chief designer is gradually transferred from the factory to the client himself via the powerful online services.

People from our factory

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Facts and Figures

Staff in the Russian headquarters:

26 employees (as of 19.10.2019)

Own factory and logistics facilities:

4 production and warehouse areas with the total square of 4,800 square meters. The total square of all facilities is 1, 5 hectares in Tula, Russia

Area of specialization:

free online designing services, engineering and manufacturing of custom and modular pre-engineered steel building for any part of the world

Product specialization

rigid steel framing and lightweight steel framing

Main market segments on global markets:

industrial, commercial, agriculture, municipal, military and recreational (sport/tourism)

Main types of steel buildings:

custom buildings INDI (rigid and light steel framing) and modular buildings Z-Top (combination of standardized modules).

Categories of buildings:

normally up to 10 000 sq. m., up to 2 floors, maximum wall height of 15 meters by outside and max span of up to 100m wide (welded I beams) and 36m wide (light steel framing)

Steel framing types:

Gable, Lean-to, two pitched and Flat roof 

Main element of building kits:

For all international customers, the factory-made building kits include the following: load- bearing steel structures (frames – columns/beams/trusses), secondary framing (girts, purlins), enclosure structures (insulated composite or built-up sandwich panels), flashings, fasteners, fittings, anchor high- strength bolts, insulated automatic gates with vertical list and fireproof doors (some elements might be absent depending on the certain requirements)

Types of international clients:

end customers (about 70%), construction and erection companies (about 20%), general contractors, intermediaries and investors (about 10%)

Serving main markets:

Eurasia, South and North America, the Middle East and Africa

Main construction technologies:

rigid steel framing and lightweight steel framing

Main steel building style and design:

authentic (hangar base type), minimalism, constructivism, contemporary, classic, modern and Asian.

New concept:

The Smart Techno Design approach implies new technical and conceptual approaches to serving clients online (instant pricing and designing steel buildings online)

Implementation of custom-made ERP and CRM systems helping PKVesta merge all departments into the single information e-base («Electronic Card» allows all clients and employees to trace all the stages of quote/order processing online starting from signing a contract up to the finished goods shipment from the factory using WebSteel system)

Active implementation of E-Policy, i.e. implementation of principles and business processes allowing to increase efficiency of operation in electronic environment, make decisions, improve quality of information processing, gradually switch to electronic documents instead of hard copies, make operation in automation systems more comfortable, etc.
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Online system WebSteel

  1. PK VESTA is the only industrial company in Eurasia, the Middle East and Africa that serves customers in the non-residential construction industry fully over the Internet in real time based on the new philosophy and concept of “Smart Techno Design” and “Smart Continious Production” 
  2. WebSteel is the only interactive cloud-based online service in international construction markets in the non-residential construction industry with free powerfull 3D visualization of custom prefabricated steel buildings from light metal structures and instant calculation of the cost of the building via the Internet with the subsequent generation of a detailed technical specification with calculations and basic sketches.
  3. WebSteel is the unique Russian development based on the cloud algorithms of building mechanics, statistics, analytical and research work of PK VESTA (R&D), released on the market in 2011.
  4. Since 2013 - the beginning of work on digitizing new construction markets (Eurasia, the Middle East and Africa) There is an opportunity to calculate the costs of a custom building in new countries with instantaneous consideration of climatic zones (snow, wind and seismic loads)
  5. Since 2011 active development of an international team of like-minded people in Russia and abroad in the WebSteel community

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