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PK VESTA offers international customers the year-round professional modern solutions in erection and installation of custom pre-engineered steel buildings for a huge range of building applications across various market segments (commercial, industrial, agricultural, military, sports health care, religious, municipal, etc.)

We erect steel buildings of any complexity and project difficulty (the typical single span buildings made from rigid framing with up to 36m wide as well as light steel framing with up to 30m wide). All of our buildings are widely manufactured based on three well-known technologies: 1) Rigid framing – welded beams from ferrous metal (C245), 2) Light steel framing – galvanized cold-formed profiles and 3) hybrid systems (rigid + light steel framing). An experienced team of international installers usually completes a project in roughly 1.5-2 months anywhere in the world (Eurasia, North and Latin America, the Middle East or Africa).
Bolt-together design
Bolt-together design
100% bolted frame joints without wet processes and welding
Year-round erection
Year-round erection
Installation of the building is possible at any time of the year (spring, summer, autumn and winter)
Short construction time
Short construction time
Up to 2-3 weeks for some buildings
Assembly drawings
Assembly drawings
Detailed assembly drawings in 3D format are attached to the project.
Extensive experience since 1991. in the assembly of buildings from Rigid framing and LGSF
Do it yourself
Do it yourself
The ability to install a building kit on your own without renting equipment
In comparison with capital construction, the installation of lightweight metal structures has many advantages:

  1. all-weather season - assembly of the base and installation of the sheathing take place without welding and wet processes, can be built in winter;
  2. short terms - installation of the building frame and cladding takes 1.5–2 weeks (typical Z-Top modular facility with an area of 1000 m2, a team of 10 people);
  3. financial benefits - you can do without an expensive capital foundation, one-story objects are assembled without the involvement of heavy special equipment.


  1. Metal frame assembly. Vertical racks, horizontal beams, running elements are bolted together. All elements are fitted at the factory, the need for welding and trimming is minimal. Parts are made of galvanized profile; priming and painting the frame for corrosion protection is not required
  2. Installation of sandwich panels. First, the walls are sheathed, from the bottom up from the corner. For tall objects from 6 m horizontal installation of panels is relevant, for low buildings up to 6 m - vertical. This results in more connections with locks, respectively, less work on the isolation of lockless joints. Roofing panels are mounted from the overhang to the ridge. Each plate is fixed to the frame on the screws immediately after installation.
  3. Installation of windows, doors, gates, internal partitions. Racks for indoor walls and external openings are formed during assembly of the base. Internal rough walls are made of sandwich panels. Windows, doors, gates are fixed in the corresponding openings.
  4. Installation of add-ons. Shaped parts are needed to aesthetically close the base, corners, perimeters of openings, lockless joints of the skin and other gaps. Elements "sit down" on self-tapping screws and sealant for reliable protection against moisture, additional heat and sound insulation. Extras are mounted from the base and further in an arbitrary sequence.
  5. After installing the fittings, the installation itself is completed. It remains to carry out internal work, the list of which greatly depends on the purpose of the building. This may include insulation of street walls from the inside (relevant for warm objects), installation and connection of communications, finishing.

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