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You are planning to start an international construction project and do not know where to start? Since the purchase of prefabricated steel buildings made of rigid and light steel framing is the important investment for most people, we recommend you to obtain the maximum amount of information about a specific supplier, competitors, market builders and general contractors. We offer you professional support in all phases of construction, regardless of the complexity of a project anywhere in the world (Eurasia, North and Latin America, the Middle East and Africa). Making the best choice is hard among thousands of international manufacturers on global markets.
stage of collecting all the necessary information about suppliers in the market
Price and sketches
Price and sketches
at PK VESTA you get all prices and sketches for free online
Construction permit
Construction permit
collect a package of documents and expect a building permit
choose a building supplier and make a deal
Order maintenance
Order maintenance
track all the stages of the implementation of the order at the factory online
Get the building from the factory. We make the foundation for you and mount the turnkey object
PK VESTA offers you professional support at all stages of your project in Russia and other countries of the world (Eurasia, North and Latin America, the Middle East or Africa). There are many manufacturers of lightweight steel structures and prefabricated buildings in international markets. Turning to us at the factory, you get the opportunity to order an effective design solution and turnkey building kit, as a LEGO designer. And working with us is easy! All the main processes associated with the design and manufacture of a building kit are transparent and predictable. We are focused on the client and his needs in the construction of an individual building anywhere in the world.



The planning for the construction of a complete building depends on the conditions in which the client is located, the legislative framework of a particular country, the goals of the client and his financial capabilities. Sometimes without a thorough analysis of the entire structure of construction costs, it is difficult for the client to complete the overall project, which leads to prolonged downtime of the facility or the receipt of services and products of natural low quality.

Typically, to build a building in any country, the client must take the following actions:
  1. solve the problem of land (land surveying, encumbrance, the availability of communications on the construction site) and / or obtaining a building permit (collect a package of documents and give it to local authorities);
  2. solve technical issues (building dimensions, organization of the technological chain, equipment level of the structure, etc.) These parameters are usually determined either by the general designer in accordance with the specific requirements of the technology or the end customer himself;
  3. choose a company that provides services and products;
  4. get a project for the building (for further coordination with local municipal authorities);
  5. choose additional services and accessories (heating, air conditioning, lighting, electricity, etc.);
  6. put the object into operation

Important! For the legitimate construction of a building in any country, it is required to “COMMIT THE OBJECT FOR OPERATION” Having received the project, which contains all sections, the client must give it to the local municipal authorities, which will finally take the object into operation. Otherwise, the constructed building can be demolished!

The main conditions and patterns of cooperation in the market:

There are many cooperation schemes in the Russian and foreign markets, from which the client chooses the most suitable option depending on his goals.


The client selects ONE GENERAL CONTRACTOR, who provides all the services and products TURNKEY (collecting a package of documents for a building permit, planting an object on a construction spot, carrying out land work, creating a single project with all main sections, building construction, its installation, foundation work, installation of engineering networks and turnkey delivery of the facility).

Pros: a high level of convenience for the client, who does not have to worry about the entire chain of ordering and project implementation. Here the most minimal time costs.

Cons: usually the role of general contractor is an intermediary engineering company that provides comprehensive services to the end customer. It usually distributes all the main stages of the outsourcing project among manufacturers and service providers in the market. With this scheme, the client can overpay for a common project up to 40%. For customers who want to minimize the overall construction budget, this option will not work, despite its convenience.


Customer selects ONE GENE. DESIGNER, who helps him solve the issue with a building permit and prepare a common project with all the main sections. In the future, the client himself is looking for a building supplier or gene. the contractor who turn over the building to him (or provide their services separately)

Pros: This option helps the client to save on the general construction project by increasing the financial transparency of the main cost items, getting help from the company to issue a building permit and a finished building project with all sections. In this case, the client usually performs standard actions. Knowing the exact specification of materials for the building, he begins to look for the most optimal option for the price and conditions among suppliers of buildings and construction installation organizations (without a ready-made project, the cost of a building can be overstated) This will undoubtedly take more time than in the first version.

Cons: not all manufacturers of prefabricated buildings are ready to tackle a finished project for a number of reasons:

Designing companies usually do not set out to minimize the overall metal consumption of a building and / or choose the best building technology, and often try to quickly complete a project by overstating the total weight of the structure. In this case, customers can overpay from 10 to 40% for the bearing part of the building.
The design bureau cannot take into account the huge variety of construction technologies on the market (galvanized profiles, welded beam, hot-rolled beam, corrugated beam, brick, foam block, etc.) Many international markets have their own deep specialization. It so happens that the technology incorporated in the project does not coincide with the technological chain of a particular manufacturer. As a result, the client, having been refused, is forced to look for another supplier, which, of course, takes extra time and increases the likelihood of choosing a more expensive company. With such a scheme, it is difficult to fix the terms of building production, which can increase the construction budget.


The client goes through all stages of the projects independently, occasionally resorting to the help of specialized companies. This option is the most economical, but significantly increases the risks and errors for the person who takes on a construction project for the first time. Time costs here are the highest.

PKVESTA recommendation: clients who are trying to minimize the overall construction budget are recommended to choose 1-3 companies specializing in certain types of activities (serial or parallel version). Some customers worry that there may be disagreement between organizations, so they choose one company. This approach leads to an increase in costs (up to 40%). To eliminate such situations, Vesta cooperates with regional / national construction organizations with experience in the installation of complete buildings. We recommend ordering a project with such sections as KM, AR and KZh (frame, facades and foundation) exactly from the building manufacturer, and the rest - at the design office. To obtain a building permit, you can contact the gene. to designers. The client simply contributes the remaining sections himself or entrusts this work to third parties (all projects are issued in the DWG format, which allows making changes)

In this case, the customer receives a number of advantages:

  1. The terms of designing and manufacturing the building are fixed. The client can more effectively control financial flows.
  2. The entire basic building kit is completely manufactured at one factory without intermediaries.
  3. The manufacturer seeks to minimize metal consumption (unlike design bureaus), which leads to a decrease in the total weight of the building and the cost of the object.
  4. The manufacturer makes projects taking into account its own technological chain (components, technology, materials, etc.).
  5. The client cooperates with the manufacturer directly.

Common options for cooperation with PК VESTA

1. 70х30%

The client makes an advance payment of 70% of the total cost of the building, the terms of design and manufacture are fixed for him, then the project is issued and finished products are provided.

Pros: the client insures itself against possible changes in metal prices and all materials. The company minimizes its risks by purchasing materials in advance.

Cons: after receiving the project from the manufacturer, the client gives it for approval to the local municipal authorities. In this case, the project is likely to change in accordance with local / regional / federal requirements. Redesigning in such a situation will be carried out on a paid basis.

2. 10х60х30%

The client selects the manufacturer of the buildings. The customer is interested in the prompt receipt of the project, since it will take a lot of time to coordinate it (from 1 to 6 months depending on the region).

Pros: the client does not pay 70%, but makes only a 10 percent prepayment. At a certain time, he receives the project and gives it for approval to the local municipal authorities. Having approved the project, the client again turns to the manufacturer and pays 60%. 30% of the payment is paid before the shipment of the finished product.

Cons: the client pays the minimum amount and receives the project, but Vesta PC cannot name the exact production time and cost of the building itself due to the unpredictability of material prices.

Tip: PK Vesta recommends using the 70x30% option as optimal to minimize total costs

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